Chartering public work equipment Marseille, France

Our industries - Heestership is a freight forwarder and freight transportation broker in Marseille specialist in sea freight to East and South Africa (Mozambique, Tanzania, Comoros...).
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Looking for shipping services to Africa? Contact Heestership, shipping agent in Marseille providing competitive solutions for sea freight to East and South Africa. Dry cargo, explosives, heavy lift, bulk... Heestership acts as a chartering broker and offers freight forwarding and container shipping to Mombasa, Moroni, Richards Bay and many other harbours in Africa.



Sea freight container shipping Tanzania
Liner services container shipping Tanzania
Sea freight company Tanzania
Chartering public work equipment Marseille, France
Shipping agent container shipping Mozambique
Chartering pipes shipment service Marseille, France


Heestership is a company in Marseille offering chartering services to Africa and sea freight to Durban, Moroni, Richards Bay... Contact us if you're looking for a company that specialises in freight . Browse our website to discover all the services offered by Heestership.

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Liner services in Mozambique

Shipping agent located in Marseille (south of France), Heestership helps you find the fastest, best and cheapest solution for your sea freight to East Africa (Mozambique, Comoros, Madagascar...) and South Africa. Don't hesitate to contact us to get a quotation for your freight transportation needs, our team remains at your disposal for any further information.

Sea freight in Tanzania

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You will find the dates of departures / arrivals with vessels and contacts of our agencies for each ports, for the shipping of your cargo by HEESTERSHIP.
*SCHEDULES* Vous trouverez les dates de départs et d'arrivées des navires, pour le transport maritime de vos marchandises. A partir d'EUROPE avec le port d'Anvers (Belgique), le port de Skaw (Danemark), les ports au Nord de l'Espagne et d'autres ports européens. A partir [...]
Pipes shipment
Shipment of Pipes from Antwerpen to Maputo (Mozambique).